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Monique Perry

Monique is a traditional metalsmith, metal clay artist, and an enamellist.  She uses sterling silver, fine silver, precious metal clay, semi-precious gemstones, enamels, and 22 and 24kt gold accents in her work. She creates unique, one of a kind wearable works of art by combining a variety of techniques from the three disciplines. 

Her colorful enameled work is created using the Cloisonné or Champlevé techniques.  Both techniques require fusing multiple layers of opaque and/or transparent enamels to a prepared base of either copper or fine silver.  Once the desired depth is achieved, the surface is ground down to a smooth, flush finish. She also incorporates semi precious gemstones in her work depending on the design.

Her Mexican roots, love of art and exposure to other cultures inspire her signature colors and textures.

Monique's Art Jewelry


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