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Denise Marshall

My journey into photographic weavings began in November 2020 while I was taking an abstract photography class. In my critique notebook the one theme that kept coming up was how my work was very linear. Studying my printed images, I saw them from different perspectives. I took out a pair of scissors and while it took me an extraordinary amount of time, I ended up cutting one of the images into vertical strips. As I looked at my “deconstructed” photograph, I took another image and cut it into horizontal strips. I then proceeded to weave the images together.


I have been a photographer for more than forty years. I was formally trained at the Rochester Institute of Technology in narrative, documentary and editorial photography with a minor in biomedical photography. I have taught myself to weave my images together to create a new whole. I have not had any formal training in weaving. I am always looking for opportunities to refine my craft, I took a paper weaving class February '22 and picked up new and fascinating weaving techniques. I am constantly considering new patterns, different papers as well as new images to deconstruct. I print on fine art giclée, high gloss, matte and metallic paper. All the different papers help to create innovative effects with the weave. And in this all of this deconstruction I am able to create a new whole, in my art and in myself.

Blue Skies Above Photography

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