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Nancy Gibbs

I have been working with fiber in one way or another all my life.

My grandmother taught me to sew on her Singer Featherweight, and over the years I sewed clothes, made quilts, did wool applique, created historically themed cloth dolls and Santas and more. But when I discovered needle felting, I found my artistic “home.”


Needle felting (“wool painting”) is a totally dry process in which loose, dyed wool fibers are repeatedly stabbed by hand into a background fabric using special small barbed needles. The constant movement tangles the fibers firmly into position. Landscapes, botanicals, and birds are my favorite subjects, but I continue to explore new styles.


My “studio” is my living room, so there are bags and piles of color everywhere. I have always been “into” history, especially historical craft arts and processes, so my fiber art is grounded in and inspired by a variety of Early American arts: quilting, wool applique, botanical illustrations, and others. I enjoy combining design concepts for a fresh look with a touch of whimsy, but one that continues to mine the richness of our historical heritage. Folk art is the artistic voice of the common people and has been described as “the art of the everyday.” My work is available in person and online at the Red Tulip Gallery in New Hope, PA. 

Jericho Mountain Fiber Art

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