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Annette Debevec

Ceramics has become my most recent passion, developed from a love of painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture inspired by the beauty of the natural world, and my many years of teaching. I am drawn to this malleable, responsive, and earthy medium which I can manipulate and guide through an addictive and fascinating process, eventually becoming a beautiful piece of art that begs to be touched and used in practical ways. 

Most of my pottery is wheel-thrown using stoneware clay. I enjoy creating simple forms that can be altered, textured, or richly decorated with sgraffito designs or hand painted glazes. Though I have much experience with firing my work in reduction or soda kilns, my most recent work is being fired in an electric kiln at midrange temperatures. Whether I am making a bowl, plate, mug, vase, pitcher, jar, casserole or planter, I create one of a kind pieces that are designed to be both functional and beautiful.


Potter and Paint Shop 

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