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President's Corner

The President of the Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen is elected to serve a 1-year term and is eligible for re-election up to a total of 3 years.  Our new President, Karen Goeller, began her first term on January 1, 2015.  

Greetings, friends!

The birth of a new year is a time when we tend to take stock, make plans, and set goals.  This should be just as true in our craft lives as it is in our personal and professional endeavors.  A new year brings new challenges and opportunities, as well.

As we start 2015, we face continuing challenges as a Guild:

  • how to encourage active participation from more members so that fresh ideas can keep us relevant and invigorated
  • how to attract new members to build our strength and diversity
  • how to provide all of our members with increased opportunities for success and growth in craft and creativity

    As artists. we also face the need to:

  • find and successfully address new and changing markets and customers
  • represent our work professionally so that it stands out in increasingly crowded promotional and social spaces
  • manage cost, inventory, price, and business expenses so that we are profitable... Equally important whether we are hobbyists or full-time artists
  • extend and enhance our creativity, keep the fun in our work, and be productive.     

This year, your board is working on programs and opportunities designed to address each of these challenges, from an all-member show to expanded sales opportunities through group booths and more. We are looking at some new ways of doing our monthly programs, keeping them interesting and, wherever possible, highly interactive.  But the bottom line remains YOU... Your involvement by reading these newsletters, providing feedback (even just an email!), and participating in our initiatives are what keep the chapter alive and healthy.

So I’d like to issue a small challenge to each and every one of you, similar to the “pay it forward” initiative making the rounds on Facebook:  each of you who attends a meeting, applies for a group booth, applies for Red Tulip membership, writes a newsletter/Facebook article for the Guild, or presents a program during the first half of the year will be entered in a random drawing for “craft treats” from me (one win per person, but the more activities you do, the better your chances to win!). 

The treats may be anything craft-related that makes me think of you... and will appear when least expected.  It’s a way of putting my energy where my mouth is, by directly supporting your enthusiasm for the Guild and craft in general.  And for each of you, I encourage you to find a way of doing the same thing... Pay it forward to support your fellow artists and the Guild.

Red Tulip Gallery, our artists' cooperative, has just finished a fantastic first six months at our new location in New Hope! We are accepting applications for new members (pottery and jewelry are currently waitlisted). If you are interested in this exciting sales opportunity, please contact Monique Perry at  The gallery features fine jewelry, raku, stained glass, folkart, pottery, woodworking, handweaving, baskets and much more!

Click here to visit the Red Tulip Gallery, and be sure to like us on Facebook as well.




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